It recently drawn on me that the last night time I baked something for Easter was back in 2012 (pre-Lily days). Whilst I’m not baking this year (let’s face it I have no time for that!) – I’ve decided it’s time to put more effort into Easter. Lily loves Easter and helping me with crafty party prep so this year we are making bunny fruit cups (but you can fill these with anything you like) and Easter peanut butter egg nests. They are so easy – it will take you no time at all. And they look so so good! Time to get hopping!!

My 2012 bunny ear cupcakes – where does the time go??

DYI Bunny Cups (cute kids to help optional)

  1. Step 1 – Cut bunny ears. The floral paper I used is from Kmart and I used a paper laser cutter to cut mine out (to save time), but you can easily cut them out by hand.

2. Using a glue stick, stick the paper ears to the inside of the cups. Here’s Taylor helping me stick our bunny ears onto the cups.

3. The fun begins – decorate to your heart’s content! I used small pink pom poms for the nose, googly eyes and sticker felt bows (all craft items purchased from Kmart). We drew the features on using a black fine point marker and used a pink crayon to add blush to our lady bunnies.

5. The result…

This year will be Taylor’s first Easter, here’s Lily at Easter through the (three) years. I told you we love Easter!

Throwing an Easter party? For those time poor like me, here’s some quick and easy Easter ideas to surprise and delight for your bunnies (and guests).

  1. Easter Oreo white choc bark shards by Lilluna.
  2. Bunny soup bowl from The Idea Room
  3. Carrot bubbles via Kara’s Party Ideas
  4. Peanut butter nests with M&M’s speckled eggs, click here for the recipe.
  5. Bunny cake toppers, you can purchased these on our site and with free shipping too 🙂
  6. Carrot utensils – such a cute and effective way to set out your cutlery!
  7. Cheese ‘carrot’ dip from Healthy Yummy Easy (so it must be EASY!)
  8. Carrot door hanger from Home Talk. I’m going to make this next year for my mum-in-law’s place (she hosts an annual Easter Sunday breakfast with Easter egg hunt each year)


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