I’m all about maximum (wow factor) impact and low effort and time – so here’s three easy-peasy ideas that will delight your party guest for Christmas. These were put together by three mums with full time jobs and two kids each all under 4 – so you know it is definitely achievable!

Reindeer Cake

This is a take on the famous unicorn cake – but this time Rudolph gets the spotlight. The thing that makes this cake are the wooden reindeer antlers and eyelashes, which you can purchase from us here. The best part – I didn’t even make the cake! You can change up the size of the cake depending on the number of guests you are serving. This one was created on a 6” cake which I purchased from Woolworths (online of course) – the chocolate flakes on top worked perfectly as the ‘hair’ for the top of Rudolph’s head. The nose is a cherry tomato. See easy!

Nutella Christmas Tree

All you need really are two pieces of puff pastry, Nutella and a dusting of icing sugar. Red and green fruits optional but in my opinion the fruit adds to the overall look and what could be better than eating strawberries and Nutella??! Click here for the full recipe via The Catty Life.

Watermelon Christmas Tree

This one is the simplest of them all – perfect for any Christmas function. The best way I’ve found to create evenly shaped Christmas trees is to first cut the watermelon into quarters (leaving the rind on). Cut the quarter into approx. 2.5cm slices and then cut each slice in a half (this creates the tree shape). Finally cut along the watermelon flesh and rind line from each side to create the trunk. If you want to see a pictorial on this, here’s a good link I’ve found.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and New Year! BE MERRY – from our crazy kids to you and your family xx


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