Event: 5.10.2016


It was recently Australia Day here and whilst traditionally we as a family don’t really do much to mark the occasion, my girlfriend graciously hosted a low key BBQ at her place.

I made a tropical fruit platter (since I’m not the best cook) and she made a very cute star-studded watermelon, blueberry, feta and cucumber salad. It turned out to be a super fun day for the kids (and adults) – but it made me feel that we had celebrated this event not too long ago and then it hit uh-huh! we did celebrate Australia Day recently, October of last year to be exact!

The Australiana theme was in honour of my nephew, Finn’s first birthday. Although it’s not the most obvious party theme for a little boy’s first birthday, it made perfect sense – my in-laws had lived in London for the first year of Finn’s life and they were coming home to celebrate the milestone.

Australia Day 2017 celebrations


Let’s start with the set-up: Australian mammals – soft toy koalas, kangaroos and wombat accompaniment an impression arrangement of native Australian flowers (created by my mother in law). She even managed to find a large gumtree branch to add to the arrangement.

The birthday cake – inspired by the dessert and the sand (beach) and adorable koala cake pops.


All the food was Australian themed of course. Cue Toohey’s New and XXXX beers, Australian wines and for the food; there were meat pies and sausage rolls, lamb cutlets, steak and ‘shrimp on the barbie’, pavlova, lamingtons, cupcakes with road sign toppers, macarons in blue and red, Tim Tams and cute koala head cake pops.


A tall 8” cake featuring a fondant koala and kangaroo sitting on a sea of ombre blue buttercream. The base of the cake was decorated with dessert rocks and shrubs, a roo road sign and ‘FINN’ in the cookie-crumble sand.




The Australian look was complete with a didgeridoo, boomerangs, animal road signs and a large gumtree surrounded with Australian soft toy animals and native Australian flora.
Guests were encouraged to come in their best Australian get-up (check out ours below).


Cookie bomboniere with the Australian flag, kangaroo and koala were given out to the guests.











Birthday Cake: The MoonBlush Baker

Koala cake pops and cookies: Lovelle Creations

Decorations:  Sydney Flower Markets (flowers) and Paddy’s markets (soft toys and road signs)

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