Event: 25.09.2016

Lily is your typical girly girl. Her favourite colour is pink, her favourite ice cream flavour is pink, she loves Disney and Barbies and in general her outfit of choice are tutus and maxi dresses (I think they remind her of long flowy princess gowns, but for whatever reason she loves them and they make her look so cute).

It so happened that the birth of baby number two (Taylor) and Lily’s birthday was quite close together and being in my third trimester, I was in no mood to plan two separate celebrations so I combined both together (genius!). The event became Taylor’s welcome home (we didn’t do a baby shower) and Lily’s 3rd birthday.

Lily was really into Disney princesses at the time and whilst still obsessed with Frozen, I wasn’t about to repeat a party theme (Lily’s 2nd birthday was Frozen themed). Between the age of 2-3, Lily was surprisely good at sitting through full length Disney feature movies (not so much anymore). She could watch one after the other if I allowed her. Her favourite Disney movies were Frozen (of course), Beauty and the Breast, The little Mermaid, Cinderella and Rapunzel.

It was the perfect theme for our next event- a party for our two princesses!

The colour theme was pink and gold. A cascade of pink, white and gold balloons with small touches of wisteria hung from the ceiling. A ‘subtle’ princess theme was carried throughout the dessert table and decorations.

Our balloon garland complement a large photograph of my girls which my husband shot when Taylor first arrived home. The photo sat in a large oval ornate frame (purchased from Ikea which I spray painted gold) and on either side hung the letters L & T. We love creating our own unique touches so we made up foiled princess silhouettes and had these framed to add to the wall.

I played on the princess theme with the food on offer – some of the links to the princesses were more obscure than others e.g. apple cake pops to represent the poison apples from Snow White, watermelon cake cups adorned with tiny rose petals on top to represent the rose from Beauty and the Breast and ham and cheese mini crossiant causations like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Do you get the idea??

The food/dessert table was centered around four Disney movies – Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

The food on offer –

Snow White
Forest-fruit skewers
Apple cake pops

A glass slipper and a pumpkin carriage with overflowing Hershey kisses
A real pumpkin I emptied out and filled with dips and crackers
Cheese platter featuring Jaq and Gus silhouette
Tic-tock clock cookies

Beauty & The Beast
Watermelon and strawberry cake cups with rose petals
Dark chocolate tarts with rose petals

The Little Mermaid
A fish ball filled with blue chocolate balls and gummy sharks
A treasure chest filled with more blue lollies and blue and white crystal sticks
Macarons shaped like seashells with a ‘pearl’ (lolly) inside
Mini ham n cheese crossiants which I added eyes to look like crabs

And to top it off of, pinked frosted cupcakes featuring Disney princesses toppers.

We had two cakes. After all, we were celebrating two little girls that deserved a cake each to mark the occasion.
The Moonblush Baker created the cakes and the brief was to make it fun, decadent and girly. The cakes were inspired by Katherine Sabbath’s crazy cake creations – complete with chocolate drip, chocolate shards, lollies and macarons. I added Disney princess figurines on each cake.

Lily wore an Ariel two piece top and skirt and Taylor was dressed in a Cinderella onesie. I originally intended on dressing Taylor in an Ariel onesie so the girls could be matching but even the newborn size was way to big for her. It worked out well anyway and Lily even did a outfit change into a Snow White costume later in the day (as you do haha).

Disney Princesses was a fun-inspired theme to create and our two girls lives happily ever after…

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